Kim Cavalier

Kim is a Los Angeles-based Luxury Home Stager with over 20 years of experience in the industry. After managing her own business on the east coast for nearly 10 years, she was recruited into the corporate arena and directed business development and staging operations before relocating to the staging capital of Los Angeles.

Her ability to adapt to a broad spectrum of needs earned her a diverse clientele within the real estate community where she eventually gained notability in the luxury market. Along with helping to transact millions of dollars in real estate throughout her career, Kim has earned statewide awards for her staging designs.

Kim extends her knowledge, expertise, and passion for the Home Staging industry to offer one-on-one coaching for new and emerging home stagers. Her intention is to help others elevate their skills, heighten their confidence, and provide the tools for success by tailoring learning agenda to her clients' individual needs and specific goals.

Kim is available for remote coaching and will travel based on availability to provide in-person, hands-on mentorship.

One-on-One Coaching Specifically For You

You’ve completed your initial training and you might be asking yourself, now what? Have you come across a challenge that you're not sure how to overcome? Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Or perhaps you want a streamlined approach to learning the fundamentals of Home Staging. It is common for stagers to face challenges in business, especially while in the start-up phase. My one-on-one coaching will give you the individual attention you need to benefit from a singular, laser-focused learning experience. By addressing your specific goals, we can work together to help you meet your needs so you can move forward with a greater level of ease. 

Remote Coaching

Not in the Los Angeles area? Don’t’ let distance deter you from getting the help you need. My coaching sessions are structured through phone or video conferencing so we can work in succession to develop and grow your staging business. Choose from on-demand individual appointments, or opt for a Productivity Package which includes weekly conferencing sessions and unlimited access to email and video text-messaging.

Hands-on Coaching

Would you benefit from having hands-on mentoring? Would it help to be walked through a project or two at first? Choose half or full-day services for in-person 1:1 coaching. The benefits of this training will allow us to work in a more concentrated manner to help you get grounded in your business. And follow-up individual remote sessions are always available to you when in need. (Additional fees for travel will apply).

What You Can Learn


Create Your Brand
Tell Your Story

Defining your brand and where you will position yourself in the market is an essential first step in starting your business. You will be asked to complete a questionnaire which will become our guide map in working together. It will help me to understand what your goals are, as well as any obstacles you may be facing so we can target your needs. This is a fun initial process that will allow us to define your niche in the market, create buzz around the services you'll offer, and start you on the path towards your success.


   Develop Your Business Structure

Running a staging business involves much more than what HGTV reveals. (no pun intended) I will take you behind the scenes and into the operations to help you set up your business systems, establish your protocols, and define your processes so you can run an efficient staging business. We'll review what management software is available to you, receive access to forms for better organization, decide whether to own vs. rent furniture, and get you organized so you are ready to move forward with ease.


Learn How to Prospect for Business

When it’s time to get out there and get your first client, it can be a paralyzing experience. I'll help you move through this initial challenge so you can approach your clientele with confidence and progress towards building your business. We will explore avenues for potential clients, discuss networking opportunities, practice sales calls, and review techniques to help build your ability to get those appointments and become a rockstar at getting your staging contracts signed.


And, Action! - The Staging Process in Motion 

We'll review staging processes in detail such as; systematic home editing, staging a vacant home, how to measure and layout a room, handling complicated spaces, where to source furnishings, prepping for installation, working with your crew, and how to master the art of delivering a polished, camera-ready home. If you opt for hands-on training, we can work side-by-side through each step of your staging project so you can gain the comprehension to confidently stage any home.

Coach for Home Staging

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